AIU Means Asian International University. AIU is established under the act 05 of 2021 made and promulgated on 20th Day of Feb, 2021 by Hon’ble Governor of Manipur State. AIU has a sprawling 32-acre campus in the lush and verdant environs of Manipur. With over 500 academic programmes for higher learning and professional certification courses for skills development, we provide opportunities for students to always stay relevant.The university takes pride in offering its students an elite academic infrastructure, multimedia-enabled classrooms, modern research labs, playing fields,. food courts, hostels and facilities for curricular and extracurricular activities. AIU also emulates a world class method of teaching and learning which encourages creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving, innovation and team-building. These are qualities that have been proven to be successful in producing entrepreneurial leadership in technology and business.

Asian International University also nurtures a research-driven culture in all fields of expertise to ensure depth of understanding and confidence in facing practical problems. The world class model has been the impetus of the AIU culture that is vibrant, innovative and purposive to our local environment.Its commitment to providing students a multifaceted all-round growth, It leverages its strategic partnerships with industry stalwarts for all its programs to create employable, bright and future-ready professionals. Given its industry-oriented programs and emphasis on holistic development, AIU graduates naturally become the preferred choice for employers. Thus, the university develops and honest future leaders for diverse high-growth sectors in India and globally.

The global standards are set in the field of 'Research and Publications' motivating us for relentless pursuit of academic excellence. The MOUs with various international universities are in vogue to provide for an exchange of students and faculty through academic and research immersion programs 'Encouraging International Collaborations for the mutual benefit of the university and the aspirants. 

Asian International University intends to play a proactive role in the present day knowledge-driven global economy by imparting state of the art education to aspiring and ignited young minds to prepare them to succeed, flourish, prosper and thrive in an unknown and uncertain future. A Naturally beautiful and green pollution free campus of the University having excellent location with easy approach from all sides of the city, facilitates the environment friendly atmosphere for all round development of the student. This is a massive educational institute in central India aimed at providing quality Undergraduates and Postgraduate programs to the students. The academic programs at AIU, follows the flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with Outcome based Approach. Our approach to creating an exceptional student experience and delivering the highest level of teaching and learning is quite simple;

“Being a Student Centric University, We put our students at the heart of everything we do”

How is AIU different from Other Universities?

Here is what helps our university stand out amongst 700+ academic institutions in India

  • 1. Design thinking principles and a liberal curriculum to create a strong foundation for every program.
  • 2.  The multimodal experiential learning-based approach in teaching pedagogy.
  •  Work-based learning programs.
  • 3. The provision of lateral movement between vocational and formal degree programs.
  • 4. Incubation facilities for Innovation and Business Ventures.
  • 5. Blended asynchronous and synchronous course delivery.
  • 6. Excellent Placement Support.
  • 7. A New Age University with global engagement and strategic industry partnerships that offers unconventional courses to influence lifestyles, business and governance.
  • 8.  Adopts Integrated Learning as the Order of the Day by using Digital Education Platforms for Customized Teaching Pedagogies based on the Ability of New Age Learner.
  • 9. Prepare the students for new career choices that resonate with the learner’s personality and interest based on peer influence, parent’s mindset and explored facts and figures.
  • 10. Develop a sustainable eco-campus by adopting a management framework for conservation measures in terms of energy, environment and water that creates an impact on national culture/ policy.

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